Thursday, January 05, 2006

Travel Blog Links

I have posted links to both Ruth's blog and my own Travel Blog. You can find them to the right side of the page under the profile. Both of them have photos of our trip as well as of the wedding and reception.

When you read mine, keep in mind that I have never left the North American continent before so much of what I was seeing and experiencing was very new and different for me. I am afraid I may have sounded a little ignorant at times, but really it was just inexperience. At any rate you will be able to see things as I did from a very outside of it all point of view.

I had a pretty hard time understanding most people when I first arrived, but by the time I left, it was much easier and I didn't have to work so hard at it. I got a little better at pronouncing names and words but I still have a long way to go on that. The hardest part of learning names and words has nothing to do with India, it's dealing with my horrible memory!

My blog is full of mis-spelled words, part of which is because I had no clue how to spell them and part of which is that I'm not even a great speller in English. Some of the mis-spellings are because I wasn't even sure of what the word (or name) was that I was trying to spell! Things I described were sometimes just as bad because I had no idea what some things were called... sorry about that. You may be able to get a few good laughs out of it if nothing else.

I'll be putting a little more on the travel blog, but anything not related to the actual trip, I'll be posting here. I hope you enjoy it.

Love, Debra

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Pradeep said...

Great Blog Debra...never mind the spelling...just keep the posts coming...
A good blog...can't wait to see your posts with more pix of Kerala...I am from kerala but I'd like to see how it looks through the eyes ( or camera) of an American.