Thursday, January 05, 2006

Frankfurt...Where Did the Color Go???

When we arrived at the Frankfurt airport I immediately noticed the lack of color. It was almost a black and white world. Where were all the colors that I'd gotten used to seeing during the past few weeks on the streets and in the homes of India? Suddenly I found myself surrounded with blue jeans and mostly "black"... Black shirts, black jackets, black pants and skirts... Black seemed to be the dominate color. Suddenly I missed all those Indian ladies in their brightly colored saris.

In another way it was somewhat comforting to see most people in clothing that is more familiar to me than it had been in India. Funny though, how I was in the small minority, wearing one of my new salvars.

I just never noticed the lack of color in my native attire before....or maybe it's missing more in Frankfurt than in Fulton, Missouri?


Pradeep said...

Good work...Great Start...Keep the posts coming...Can you get a "subscribe this blog" up from mebbe bloglet or others...? Would be useful...cheers!

Mom Mac said...

pradeep, thanks. Please tell me how to get the "subscribe" thing going. Thanks, Debra

Anonymous said...

Hi Debra chechi, Will let the family know of the new blog. Makes me feel closer to you and I'm sure this will be fun.

Mom Mac said...

Hi Jayanthi, I just got online at home...finally. So much to catch up on around here! I'll add to the blog soon. Love, Debra