Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I Repent

This morning I realized it'd been AGES since I posted anything here. I realized it because I went to read Ruth's blog about her vacation.... and loved it. Then I followed the links to Praveen's blog... and Praveen the one who rarely posts entries had posted two since the last time I had...

AND then I went to check out Sandhya's blog and sure enough, she had also posted since I had.

With new posts on both of theirs and none on mine I was shocked. I saw my errant ways...

I have been neglecting this blog. I repent.

I have posted two new entries below.


Nathan arrived in Kuwait around the first of the month. He's with the 1st Cavalry, 3rd Brigade - "Grey Wolf".

He went earlier than the rest of the guys to "download" the equipment and vehicles" from the ship that carried them over. Funny how they call it downloading, huh? Well it gets funnier... after that they "uploaded" it all onto flat bed trucks to transport it to the camp.

Nathan is a Bradley driver, so he is there to take care of his company's Bradleys and make sure that they are maintained properly.

After the other guys arrive they'll all head "north".

Am I worried about him? Of course I am. I am his mother.

Nathan At Ft. Hood, Texas

These photos were taken when Jay and I drove down
to see Nathan at Ft. Hood, Texason the weekend of August 18th.
We knew he'd soon be leaving for Kuwait
and wanted to see him before he left.