Thursday, March 05, 2009

Homeward Bound

Rachel and Dan got home last night so I’m heading home this morning.

Being “in charge” of a toddler, two teen boys, and a puppy was not as difficult as I expected. I’ve heard that “Grandmothering” is easier than “Mothering” because you can always go home. That’s true, but there is also something to being more laid back as a grandma… maybe already a little worn out, so the frequent parenting crisis’s aren’t as huge as they seem as a mom…? Add that to the fact that Rachel and Dan have done a remarkable job of organizing their family and home, so all I really had to do was insert myself into the established routine.

I’m going to miss the kids, especially Miranda… but I’m looking forward to the comforting familiarity of my own cozy little “nest” and my own very laid back routine.

I almost forgot…

…how much food teenaged boys can eat…. (Kyle had eggs for breakfast one morning… he was actually “sick” that day. He ate SIX eggs! Then one evening Kyle and Patrick cooked themselves some quesadillas… I watched a new package of 12 inch tortillas vanish like magic. They each had two.. that means EIGHT tortillas…and over half of the new two pound bag of grated cheese.)

I almost forgot…

…what a good feeling it is when a toddler comes running to me with their arms wide open for a hug, obviously happy to see me. (my experience several times when I picked up Miranda at day care)

I almost forgot…

How messy a teenaged kid’s bedroom can be…. Or how full they can stuff a washing machine.

It took me awhile, but better late than never…
I have now mastered:

Getting the high chair tray off the high chair…. Well, it’s actually a low chair.

Opening the baby lock on the cabinet under the sink

Getting in the door at daycare using the key card. (for several days I just waited for someone else and then followed them in.

Getting OUT the door at daycare… there is a green button to push to open the door and I kept forgetting that little trick most of the time I was here.

Logging Miranda in and out on the computer at daycare. The first few days I just got the office people to do it for me… but they decided to show me how… imagine that!

Getting to and from daycare on my own chosen “back roads” so I don’t have to merge with traffic on the busy road.

The volume controls on the TV remotes in two different rooms.

And last, but not least… I now know where most of the light switches are.