Saturday, January 07, 2006

At Home in Fulton

I’m HOME…. All the way home in good ol’ Fulton, Missouri.

I got home a couple days ago in the evening but haven’t gotten online until just this morning. I spent yesterday doing laundry and beginning the process of sorting out and putting away all the things in my suitcases… also sorting (postal) mail (but not reading all of it, just weeding out the junk)….also catching up on my TV watching! Oh…and I did a good share of napping.

Today I need to empty the trash cans of all the junk mail (which I sorted yesterday) and finish putting away all the little items that unfortunately are still sitting around on the breakfast bar in my kitchen. I also still have a good deal of TV to catch up on, haha… and probably some more napping too!

Soon, I will take time to get a diet and exercise plan together. Jay (my husband) wants to join me in my quest to fit back into clothes from months ago before I gave up on diet and exercise this past summer. Wearing a bathing suit on our little trip to the Kerala coast was less than exciting for me, as I try to avoid doing that even when I am 20 pounds lighter, but this time it was not fun at all!

It’s cold here (32 F which is about 0 to you guys, right?) but there is no snow, which is fine by me. I had planned to appear at Beks, my daughter’s restaurant, wearing one of my new salwars, but it was way too cold to even think of going outside in such light clothing. Actually, I ended up not going anywhere….I just hid under the covers of my nice warm bed dreaming of the warm weather I’d left behind.

Last night I had a funny dream. I was dreaming that I was on some sort of web-camera which was recording my trip. I was hoping it was shutting off at times and not filming me while I was sleeping, as I was not looking my best…. I assured myself that surely I’d be able to edit it before it went online though. Haha… not a restful sleep trying to look good for the camera all night!

I am gradually collecting email addresses for all of my new family and friends in India so if I don’t have yours, please ask Prasanna, Jayanthi, Ashwini, or Jayashree to send it to me. (I don’t want to post my own openly on the blog because of spammers).

Love to all of you!


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Sandhya said...

Hey, I hope Esther and Jay Valliachan are doing fine :) We really miss you and all the fun we had. So how's the plan about starting some indian food at Beks going ;) or are we planning on the Workshop along with the henna ?!
Take care and keep posting.