Thursday, January 12, 2006

More Travel Blog

I just finished adding two more entries to my travel blog which include some photos. The first one is called "Home Wedding Decoration" and shows how Santhana and Prasanna decorated their yard with the banana trees and canopy. The second one is called "Around the Neighborhood" and has some miscellaneous photos taken close to their home. You can see these by clicking on the link to my travel blog on the right side of the page.

I regret not taking more photos even though it seems we have thousands. Most of them are of the wedding and reception or of our site seeing trips, not just of normal everyday life around the city. Actually, I felt a little strange taking photos of people that I didn't know, not knowing for sure if they would appreciate it. It took me some time to work up the nerve to walk up and ask people if I could take their picture even though they always said yes. Doing it that way though, lost a lot of the candidness so most of the photos turned out to be posed and unnatural. Oh well.

Shortly before the trip Ruth bought a camera with a really powerful zoom just for the purpose of being able to take pictures from a distance and not be intrusive. My camera isn't that great.

I have other photos that I took from inside a (moving) car which are not too great but I will post some of them sometime. I wanted to show my friends and family what it's like in the streets and the huge variety of "traffic". It was constantly frustrating though, that when we saw something or someone we wanted to photograph, the moment was past even before we had our cameras out and ready to go.

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