Wednesday, January 11, 2006


This morning I got ready to go to the gym while Esther got ready to go to school. She needed to leave a few minutes before I did. I heard her shout, "Bye, Mom, see you later..." then I heard the door shut. A few seconds later, she's back....."You're not going to believe this mom, but there's snow and ice out there... You better start getting the van warmed up." I said..."oh yuck".... and then, "be careful!" (she drives herself to school).

Shortly after she left I went out to sweep the snow off and turn the heat on inside the van to hopefully defrost the rest so I wouldn't have to scrape it. (It was while I was doing that that I decided to snap a couple pictures to send your way.)

Before I finished I heard the phone ring and rushed inside to answer it. It was Esther..."Mom, the roads are horrible! I can't believe they are having school today, I saw 5 cars off the road on the way to school..... and almost went off the road myself!"... I asked her..."are you there yet? Are you driving right now?" (hoping she wasn't talking on the phone and driving at the same time). "Yeah, I'm almost there....I'm in the parking lot."

I told her to get off the phone until the car was parked. How can smart kids be so stupid? She called back to say she'd arrived safely with no mishaps and I thanked her for letting me know.

I went back outside to finish de-icing my van and heard sirens (ambulances?) in the distance. I decided that my visit to the gym can wait until later this afternoon or maybe even until tomorrow. It's supposed to warm up into the 50's today and stay that way for a few days so that will melt this stuff off quickly, but for now, I'll just stay out of it.

I do NOT like snow...or especially ice...

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