Monday, January 23, 2006

Happy Birthday Esther

Esther is my "baby". Today is her seventeenth birthday. She changes the color and style of her hair fairly often, but one thing never changes and that's her big smile.

Happy Birthday, Esther, I love you.

Here's Esther with all 5 of her older sisters, taken at Beks during the Thanksgiving weekend of 2005. Rebekah is the one in pink, obviously pregnant. Rinnah and Rachel are behind Rebekah and Naomi and Ruth, behind them. Taking "girl pictures" is one of our family traditions but it's hard to get all 6 of them together at the same time!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ester. You look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Yes you are more beautiful every year. That picture of you in the black shirt reminds me of some actress but i can't think which one it is. I guess we all knew what we were talking about when you were a baby and we just called you pretty baby instead of Esther. You would judt walk around saying "I'm pretty" because you heard it so much. Happy Birthday sister!

Sandhya said...

:) That's so cute. And I'm glad I have sisters younger to me. Too far to boss over and fight with though! Belated happy bday- here's hoping you have a brilliant year ahead.