Monday, March 27, 2006

Receptions, Two Down, One To Go...

Not everyone is lucky enough to have THREE wedding receptions like Ruth and Praveen. The first was of course, in India, BEFORE the wedding, which was different from what we were used to, but it was a blast. The second one was a couple weeks ago at their home in Pacifica, CA. The thrid one will be in Fulton on June 10th.

They had a HAT contest at the Pacifica reception. (She is definately her mother's daughter... or maybe I should say I am definately my daughter's mother... at any rate, a hat contest sounds like great fun to me.) Don't you just LOVE Praveen's hat? Doesn't Ruth look beautiful?

Ruth just posted some photos of the second reception on her blog, and another link to her albums at Shutterfly. Here are the links:

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Me said...

They do look great!!

Hat contest.. man praveen's hat won the prize?