Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mommy & Baby...doing well.

I forgot to mention that Rebekah and Neal are both doing quite well.

Rebekah had to have a c-section after 15 hours of labor on a pitosin drip, but she is recovering from the surgery better than anyone I've ever seen. She DID decide to spend three nights in the hospital after the birth, just because it seemed easier to have the nurses around to help with the baby so she could get more rest. She could have gone home earlier.

Garry has been back and forth between Beks (their restaurant) and his wife and new son. He says that when he's at Beks, he keeps thinking he should be with his family and when he's with his family, he keeps thinking he should be at Beks. Without Rebekah there to help with the restaurant, more of the management falls on his shoulders, but he's not complaining. We all hope she stays home with the baby for awhile. Beks will do fine.

Garry keeps saying that he can't believe how good looking Neal is. He's a pretty proud daddy. And of course, you can see that he IS a beautiful baby. Now, you know, all parents and grandparents think that about their off spring.... But this time it's really true. (Spoken like a true grandmother.)

I've incorporated a morning visit with Neal & Rebekah into my routine, right after I go to the gym for my exercise class.

So, that's the scoop on Rebekah and Neal.

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