Thursday, February 09, 2006

Grandma Again...SOON

Rebekah's baby is due soon! The date her doctor gave her was March....umm 3rd, or 5th, or 7th. I really can't remember, all I know is that it's soon, and my bet is on it being sooner than the doctor thinks. I'm sort of thinking that Valentine's Day, Feb. 14th would be a nice birthdate.

We all had a little surprise a couple weeks ago when Rebekah had her last sonogram and the doctor proclaimed the baby 100% BOY. Until then, everyone, including the doctor thought it was almost certainly a girl. That was what the previous sonograms indicated. So we all made our rush to return pink stuff and look for cute "boy stuff".

The baby was going to be named Lydia, after two great-great grandmothers, one on my side of the family (a favorite relative of mine who died when I was pregnant with Rebekah) and one on Garry's side of the family. Oh well. You can always name the next baby that, right, Rebekah? Now, it looks like the baby will be named Neal, a family name from Garry's side of the family. I'm not sure of the middle name yet.

Rebekah is still going into Beks every morning to do the baking and to generally oversee the restaurant. She complains about being tired, but of course she is tired! It comes with the territory. Other than that it seems like she is doing well.

We expect to have a healthy baby grandson very soon.

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