Saturday, February 28, 2009

The GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY

The Good News... I found the light stitch to the garage light and figured out the volume control on the TV in my bedroom.

The Bad News... One of the boys locked the baby lock thing on the cabinet under the sink and I can’t figure out how to open it… not that I really need to anyhow.

The Bad News... It snowed, about 5 inches.

The Good News... I didn't have to leave the house.

The Bad News… I think I missed a party. When I woke up yesterday there were teen-aged boy bodies all over both couches in the basement (the main living area).

The Good News… nothing was messed up or destroyed… they slept until close to noon, then all went home.

The Ugly News… Millie, the pup, peed on the floor AND on Miranda’s pacifier. (She refused to stand out in the snow/cold to do her business… and before doing it on the floor, she ran into Miranda’s room and grabbed the binky… came into the kitchen, dropped it, and peed on it!)

The Bad News... when I washed the binky, I squirted soap in it and squished it around… and then noticed that the rubber nipple was filled with soap bubbles….

The Good News… I got all the soap out…. Sterilized it in boiling water and we are good to go.

The REALLY Good News… yesterday was another good bedtime day for Miranda…. No crying at bedtime, just a little girl happy to be in her crib ready to go to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Ah, life! Is it better to be a grandma than a mom? Or is that both provide wonderful stories?? I enjoy hearing about all of your life experiences that we have not had the opportunity to go through...yet. It is good when you get there and that you can reference back and have some guidance. We wish we you well your last few hours before you head back to MO AND wish you a safe trip!

Mom Mac said...

It isn't "better" but it is easier.