Wednesday, March 12, 2008

...................................................Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Nathan MacVittie

Nathan and Kimberly celebrated their marriage in a ceremony in Fulton on the mezzanine at Beks (restaurant) on March 8, 2006.

As they walked through the front door, the keyboard played "Here Comes the Bride". To the surprise of many Beks lunch customers they walked through the restaurant and up the main staircase where the family waited. A long time family friend, Gerry Spires, performed the ceremony. As Nathan and Kimberly lit the unity candle Jay sang "Make of our hands, one hand... make of our hearts, one heart" (from West Side Story).

After being introduced as man and wife, the family followed them down the block to another building for the lunch-reception. Unfortunately Naomi and Dane weren't able to be there because they are still settling in from their recent move to San Jose, California.

Many more pictures of the ceremony, reception, and family are posted on "Mom's Photo Album" at

Jay, Debra, Kimberly and Nathan MacVittie

Welcome to the family, Kimberly!
Front: Jay, Kimberly, Nathan, Debra
Middle: Ruth, Praveen, Jared, Rebekah, Neal, Esther, Rinnah, Amon
Back: Baby, Dan, Rachel, Patrick, Kyle, Roger

Front: Rinnah, Esther, Kimberly, Rachel
Back: Rebekah, Ruth

Kimberly never had a sister but now she has SIX of them. Too bad Naomi wasn't able to be here for Kimberly's first "Sister picture" (...which is somewhat of a tradition at every family gathering.)

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