Saturday, December 01, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Okay, I am a bad girl. In the previous post I said I had repented from not keeping in touch, then I didn't follow through with keeping in touch. Sorry. I will try to do better, but will not make promises.

For now I will post a couple pictures from our family Thanksgiving. Ruth and Praveen aren't in the pictures because they were in India for the wedding. Nathan came home for a few days on leave from Ft. Hood.

Here's the whole family including Naomi's boyfriend, Dane.
On the floor: grandsons Patrick and Jared with Rinnah behind them.
On the sofas left to right: grandson, Kyle, Rachel, Dan, and the baby they are hoping to adopt, grandson Neal, Garry, Rebekah, Esther.
Behind the sofas: Dane, Naomi, Nathan, Me, Jay, and Amon.

Roger, Rinnah's boyfriend, Rinnah, and Nathan.

Rachel, Dan, and the new baby with Nathan.

Naomi, Nathan, and Esther.
(a picture to make Nathan's friends jealous)

Brotherly love. Amon and Nathan.

Proud Army Mom with her Army Son.
We'd just gotten home from the airport
and you can tell by his eyes that he hadn't slept in over 24 hours.

Grandson, Patrick plays Guitar Hero, the new family addiction.

Grandson, Neal.

The New Baby.
Rachel and Dan have had her as a foster child since she was 3 days old.
They are trying to adopt her.
Isn't she beautiful?

Okay, that's all folks.
Do I get a gold star on my forehead today?

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